Taping Policy

Audience taping is permitted at most O.A.R. shows. We feel that taping shows is a great way to increase fan interaction and allows fans a way to have a permanent memory of a live show. If O.A.R. is playing in an event which features multiple bands, the taping policy of the headlining band will dictate the taping policy for that evening. Additionally, at select shows, taping may be restricted. While we will do our best to notify fans in advance of this, unfortunately we cannot guarantee doing so.All taping of live O.A.R. shows is restricted to audio only; no videotaping will be allowed. Audio recording is limited to portable equipment which includes microphones and a recorder. Power or other auxiliary equipment is generally not supplied so be prepared to bring your own equipment. If you wish to tape, we encourage you to arrive early to set up.

All taping must be for personal and non-commercial use only. No profit is ever to be made from the band’s live shows. You are permitted to trade shows with other fans for an equal amount of media (i.e. 2 CDs for 2 CDs). O.A.R. will actively pursue those in violation of this policy.

Trading of shows has been a large part of recreating the live experience and we want to continue offering this option to fans. Please keep clear of the crew during the show. Remember that the audience’s enjoyment of a live show is paramount and will never be sacrificed at the expense of a taper requesting fans to move, keep quiet, etc. Please respect other fans while you are taping.