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In 2006, O.A.R. created the Heard The World Fund, built to support youth and education in the United States. Through their music, the band hopes to raise awareness and resources for worthy individuals, groups, and organizations making a positive impact in their communities.
Inova Music Therapy
Art, Dance/Movement, and Music Therapy

O.A.R. has partnered with the Inova Children's Hospital mission since 2018 to provide music therapy for its young patients.

What is Music Therapy?
Learn more about Music Therapy from therapists at Inova Children's Hospital here!

This form of therapy is often used in hospitals and other care centers. It helps people to relax and is especially helpful for babies and children. Music therapy may also be used for people who have burns, cancer, or cerebral palsy. It has also been shown to work well for people with other brain disorders and neurological conditions, such as Alzheimer disease.

O.A.R. has partnered with OSU providing yearly full scholarship to students.
The Ohio State University Heard The World Scholarship Fund
via the Scarlet and Grey Advantage Program and the Ohio State University Foundation
O.A.R. was born in Maryland, but raised on the campus of The Ohio State University. As proud alum, the band has partnered with The Ohio State University Foundation through the Scarlet and Grey Advantage program providing a yearly full scholarship to students hailing from Northeast Ohio, the childhood home of O.A.R. saxophonist, Jerry DePizzo.
Volunteering in Flint, MI
Since 2017, O.A.R. has been working with the Greater Holy Temple of Christ Church team to provide resources to the community of Flint, MI and those affected by its water crisis and poverty.

O.A.R., representing the mission of Heard The World Fund, is on another special delivery to our dear friends at the Greater Holy Temple Community Outreach Center in the MIGHTY Flint, MI.

A special thanks goes out to @Justice for donating all the AMAZING clothing.

O.A.R. at Wooton High School in Maryland
Wootton + Liberty Schools
There would be no O.A.R. without public school music programs.
The band and Heard The World have provided instruments and music program-related resources to public schools and students throughout its career including the band's two alma maters, Thomas S. Wootton High School in Rockville, MD, and Liberty Schools in Youngstown, OH.
Richard On at Wooton High School in Maryland
Jerry DePizzo at Liberty Schools in Youngstown, OH
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